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The Friends of Little Malvern Priory


The Society of Friends of Little Malvern Priory, founded in 1954, plays a key role in the financial support of the church and its worship. Over more than 50 years the Friends have contributed well over £250,000 to church funds, largely on the maintenance of the church fabric: in particular, they donated £118,000 toward the restoration of the church roof in 2002/3. The Friends also make a regular contribution to the church running costs. So there are continuing calls on the Friendsí funds. 

The Friends currently number 115. Most live locally, and many are members of the existing congregation. A number of Friends live further afield, as far away as Scotland and Northern Ireland. All are individuals who love Little Malvern Priory and wish it to continue to thrive as a living church. Their generosity is invaluable.

Members meet from time to time for social occasions.

If you are not already one of the Friends, do consider joining. The minimum annual subscription is only £5, though many Friends give much more. Application Forms can be found on the table by the church door; they include a bankers order form and a Gift Aid Declaration to enable the charity to reclaim income tax on subscriptions.

If you would like any further information, please contact

 Margaret  Bryer (Tel No 01684 574812)


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