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View from car park

This picture was provided by Martyn William



The picture was provided by Eric's son Alistair Knowles.  He has said:

"Here's a picture of the interior of LMP taken as a series of 6 images stitched together, taken with the wide angle end of a 18-55 lens.  The overall effect gives a pretty good sense of the space in the church.  I manually adjusted the exposure for each shot, because of the differing light levels. The auto-stitch on Photoshop did a good job of adjusting the levels to match up the images." 

When you select the picture you can alter the scale by holding the Control key down and clicking + to zoom in or - to zoom out again.  You can then move around the scene using the sliders at the side and bottom of the screen.

To see the picture click here  Note, this is a large picture, so it may be a little slow to appear.

Snow Scenes

These photographs were taken by Roy Harding.  NB These are high definition photographs which may take a long time to download on a slow broadband link.


Adrian Fletcher

Adrian asked permission to take photographs of the church that he could put on his website.  He has given us permission to use any of these photographs without charge provided we acknowledge his copyright.  You can see his photographs of LMP by clicking here.

It turns out that he has over 8,000 photographs available on his website.  The photos of LMP can be seen by clicking on the link below.

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